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Lennart Moberg has ever since 1973 been busy with creating and deliver images and illustrations to media of all kind, (newspaper, weekly magazines, television etc). One of the newspapers he cooperates intimately with is Norrköpings Tidningar which was founded back in 1758 and therefore one of top ten of the worlds oldest newspapers. The concern business (NT Media AB) volume is calculated to about 850 milion swedish crowns and with 780 employees. So it is a mighty partner to deal with. But Lennart works also as an artist in general with paintings, sketches, portraits, scriptwriting, computergraphics, animations and not at least....comics. Lennart started his career as an comic artist and has participated in several Swedish nationspread comicmagazines like ²Lilla Fridolf², ²Buster², ²Seriemagasinet² and of course the big dragon ²Fantomen², (the Phantom, the ghost who walks). The Phantom is not only distributed in Sweden and Scandinavia but in most countries around Europe. And it has been published as far as in Australia. And as the years has passed Lennart has expanded his talent and been working with several companies, (small as well as big ones), with all kinds of paintings and illustrations. Surprisingly enough the comictouch is well accepted when trying to perform a message according to a product or such. Together with collaborators he has illustrated books, publications and he himself writes articles with illustrations. Portraits of people is also one of Lennarts many talents. For amusments to both companies, institutions as well to privatepersons who wish to honour a someone celebrating an anniversary and such. Wallpaintings is in focus now and he works as an such also.To decorate an entrance, boring officelandscape etc is very succesful and he has provided several paintings to companies and municipalities. Of course some christmascards and postcards is a part of Lennarts business. Several such has been created during the years. When it comes to media, (see above), he has been working as an illustrator/graphics for many years. Swedish Television often book Lennart when a trial in court is taking place and they need a trialsketcher. Lennart is highly digitalized these days. A must, though the development is rushing ahead with abominable speed...espescially on the mediaside. Besides all this Lennart tries to create paintings and such for his own amusement. Not too much unfortuantely, he has not have the time, but some has come out from his hands. Acrylics, waterpaintings, inkpaintings and digital products. The motif vary, as Lennarts career during the years.

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